As a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, Executive Solutions has been deploying Exchange based email infrastructure for several years, with considerable success.

Osterman Research found that, on average, the typical user spends 134 minutes per working day on email, compared to 61 minutes on the telephone, 28 minutes using real-time communications tools and 11 minutes using social media sites. These findings simply highlights how reliant organisations have become on email, furthermore the use of smartphones becoming ubiquitous within businesses of today has compounded the challenge of ensuring consistent messaging uptime. The costs associated to building infrastructure capable of availability is far too cost prohibitive for most organisations. Cloud- based technologies promise to fill this important gap matching the needs of high availability, archiving and email management services at an affordable cost for organisation of all sizes but many of these remove all control from the customer, forcing them to cede system and data ownership.

The Mimecast Edge

Mimecast's primary offering, Unified Email Management, delivers an integrated approach to email management which eliminates the complexity that is typically associated with on-premise messaging environments and presents a compelling hybrid solution allowing ownership and control to remain with the customer and providing always-on email.

Unified Email Management offers clients proven archiving, continuity, security, and data retrieval and compliance solutions in the cloud while seamlessly integrating with existing technology.

Mimecast UEM incorporates all of the following key services in a single unified platform:

Security and Continuity

Unified email security and continuity services ensure that internal governance policies are enforced, even during outages.

Archiving and Security

In the event of a security breach or data leak, Mimecast's 10 year archiving solution can establish whether the breach was accidental or malicious.

Continuity and Archiving

This ensures that administrators and end users enjoy uninterrupted access to the organisational email archive, even during an on interruption in on premise infrastructure.

Good business is all about paying close attention to core functionality. For over a decade, Executive Solutions has empowered South African enterprise businesses with the skills and resources required to focus on what really allows organisations to flourish.

Since 1998, this uniquely positioned service provider has been offering dynamic, cost effective IT support within a broad range of industry sectors. Today, Executive Solutions has solidified itself as a major player in technology solutions and infrastructure through an unwavering dedication to service delivery and competitive pricing.

With significant experience in many demanding and complex environments, Executive Solutions is equipped to deliver a bouquet of offerings which encompass the full spectrum of business IT requirements.

Managed Support Services

Aimed at organisations which lack in-house IT support, Executive Solution's Managed Support Services oversees the full extent of client business technology requirements, enabling clients to better direct management energies towards core functions.

Design and Implementation

As business needs change, so does the technology required to execute and oversee vital internal functions which must be reassessed to meet them. Executive Solutions work closely with its clients to develop and design enterprise infrastructure which is best suited to satisfy these demands.

Support and Maintenance

Managing complex, yet vital IT infrastructure can often become a challenge for organisations which lack the requisite technology skills. In these instances, Executive Solutions is able to provision a full support and maintenance service aimed at safeguarding the wellbeing of key business systems.

Strongly focused on equal opportunity employment within the workplace, Executive Solutions is one of South Africa's most inclusive and pioneering managed services providers. Having established itself as a major player within big business, this innovative organisation predicts strong growth in a wide variety of markets in coming years.

In short, Executive Solutions is equipped to act as an outsourced IT division; giving clients the ability to provision time and resources to functions which are essential to uninterrupted business development. Service delivery, fast and reliable response to client difficulties and affordability are the core foundations upon which this dynamic organisation operates.

"Executive Solutions has built substantial track record in South Africa with Mimecast in order to qualify for the top-tier partner status. We have every confidence in their ability to deliver a professional service as they have done for many satisfied Mimecast customers."

Business Development Director: Mimecast
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"Thanks for handling this process the way you have, it has been smooth and easy, and I believe we have definitely chosen the right solution"

CIO, Bidvest Bank
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"From the moment we started the implementation process, they have been both friendly and professional and have an excellent knowledge of the product and were able to quickly help us solidify our requirements. Their communication throughout the process was clear, concise and prompt"

IT Manager, Cargo Carriers Ltd

"The decision to use Mimecast through Executive Solutions has been one of the best IT decisions made since I have been with Eversheds"

IT Manager, Eversheds
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"Executive Solutions made the transition from our previous provider seamless and without any interruption in the continuity of our services. They have proven to be an efficient and technically capable business partner"

CIO Primedia OOH

"Executive Solutions' constant focus on service delivery to their clients has immensely contributed to a successful implementation of Mimecast in our environment."

IT Manager, Adams and Adams

Managed Support Services
Managed Support Services

Our managed support service is designed for customers who don't have in-house IT support, and who prefer to focus management energies accordingly.

Advisory Services
Advisory Services

The ES advisory team brings together experts in business planning and IT strategy, helping clients to maximise the value of their on-going technology investment.

Design and Implementation
Design & Implementation

ES works in close partnership with our clients to design an IT infrastructure specific to their organisation and evolving business requirements.

Support and Maintenance
Support & Maintenance

ES has the people and technology to ensure that your core infrastructure remains an asset you can rely on to deliver business value.

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