Advisory (Virtual CIO)

Our advisory service identifies information technology solutions and assists your business with choosing the products, providers and services that best suit your needs and budget.

Management & Tech Consulting

Design &

Migration & Implementation

Vendor Management

Consulting across a broad spectrum to find the perfect technology solutions for your business.

Our IT consulting perspective includes a focus on optimization, knowledge transfer, risk management and the consideration of appropriate sourcing options. With consulting from ES, you get the services you need without having to break your budget. Our advisory service includes:

Our skilled professionals know the importance of a streamlined, organized workflow. Let us work with your team to build solutions that keep projects running smoothly. ES offers project management to clients across all industries. Project management transforms your business needs to deliverables that improve top-line performance. IT can be complex, but a structured approach simplifies tasks to achieve desired results:

  • Define: Capture and transform needs and requirements into concrete goals
  • Planning: Build a scope of work, identify all tasks
  • Executing: Perform project tasks on time within budget
  • Monitoring: Track performance and milestones
  • Closing: Ensure that all deliverables have been met

Design and architecture are a core part of our service portfolio. We map your solutions with business objectives, and you gain the competitive edge. Our team utilizes a structured process to build an IT environment that supports your business:

  • Smart solutions
  • Scalable to fit specific needs
  • Optimize performance
  • Enhanced business value
  • ROI against technology investments

Our design & architecture services use a structured methodology to help provide a framework that can bridge the gap between strategic intent and deployed infrastructure. Our team oversees the design & architecture activity to help ensure a successful
integration into your current IT environment.

Growth and technology advancements are two reasons that companies need to migrate data and implement new solutions. Contact ES to find out how our advisory service can assist your organization through this technical process.

Migrations occur as technology changes and can be as small as transferring your data from one server to another or as large as relocating your entire office, ES covers them all including:

  • Application migrations
  • Data migrations
  • Office 365 migrations
  • Email migrations
  • OS migrations
  • Infrastructure upgrade
  • Cloud migrations

Successful implementations involve a lot more than just product installation. A solution that meets your business objectives requires:

  • Identifying a scalable solution that will last
  • Planning
  • Installation
  • Vendor management
  • Training and skills transfer
  • ES has completed hundreds of migrations of all shapes and sizes, speak to us if you have a current or future requirement.

IT infrastructure involves different types of equipment, services, and resources. There are multiple vendors that encompass your entire infrastructure. Having the correct information creates transparency and is crucial in resolving issues should a problem arise. Proper management ensures a cost-effective approach to getting the most value out your vendors, this includes:

  • Contracts
  • Licensing
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Telecoms

You have technology needs, and we can help.

 Contact us today to learn more about our IT advisory services and how we can help your business find successful and sustainable technology solutions.